Rocking on Air (2019)

Danielle is at a crossroads. It's her last year in high school and soon it'll be time for her to decide what to do next. But right now, all she can rely on are her band and passion for music. Until one day when Yao-Han, her estranged father, comes home early to find her playing and scolds her to be more realistic about life. After lashing back at Yao-Han with harsh words as he is all she doesn't want to become, a slave to his job, she finds herself in a dark place. However, nothing is going to stop her from the finale performance, not even when her band quits on her.


 Short Film / Drama  (10 min)
 Produced by Tammy Tsang & Jessie Hood
  Screenplay by Tammy Tsang
  Director of Photography Olly Bian
  Jocelyn Tam, Henry Mah, Princess Davis, Aiden Howard